A Hyundai Santa Fe Tribute

If we're starting with the question "Why choose a Hyundai Santa Fe," we can get right down to business with Hyundai's self-description of the vehicle: "Seating for seven. Better for all." For a compact SUV, you're going to get a massive amount of cargo space, technology features for the whole family, and maneuverability thanks to the less bulky body build. Take a deeper look, though, and you'll see a lot of hidden perks of owning a Hyundai Santa Fe. Let's dive into the perks and see just why your family might want to opt for one of these in 2018 and beyond. 

Exterior Color Options 

This model has long been noted for its more sophisticated lineup of colors. You're not going to get the big, bright outsider colors that come with some full-size SUVs, and that should suit most owners just fine. That's because you're going to get a spectrum that includes Monaco White, Circuit Silver, Regal Red Pearl, and Java Espresso (more colors are available). It's a more muted, sophisticated style for a group of owners that traditionally aren't looking for "unique" colors that more closely resemble a fruit than an SUV. 

Three Luxurious Trims 

Trims are a big part of the automotive world. They give you a much cheaper option for some of the more advanced features, and for those who simply have to have the best of the best, they give you Ultimate trims that throw in everything the vehicle has to offer. Consider the three trims of this model: SE, SE Ultimate, and Limited Ultimate. As you get into the higher trims, you begin to see exclusive and impressive features like the Panoramic Sunroof and 8" touchscreen navigational control panel of the Limited Ultimate. Reliability tends to rest in the base model: The 7-passenger seating with 50/50 split folding3rd row and odor resistant cloth in the interior of the SE will be just the right amount of luxury and practicality for most families. 

Available Upgrades 

If you start with the base model, you have a lot of room to add those few features that you deem "must-have." For this model, Dynamic Bending Light is one of the standouts in the crowd. It contours to your movements and gives you a view of a darkened road unlike any other SUV in the world. And that's important for people who are carrying precious cargo like family members. It's an aesthetic feature that also expands to make you safer out there on the road, with greater visibility. Others will appreciate the Panoramic sunroof that you can tack onto the Ultimate and Limited Ultimate. Why just drive through the countryside when you can see it as you go along? Passengers in the second row will be absolutely thrilled with the view. 

Reliable and Refined Powertrain 

Power is a big deal in just about any SUV where you'll be carrying 7 passengers, but the makers here chose to refine everything down to a single durable powertrain: A 3.3L GDI DOHC 24-valve V6 engine that outputs a sturdy 290 horsepower across the board. You'll want to check on upgrades to this (there are certainly things you can add on to make the engine more "standout"), but for most folks, this is the engine to end all engines, something that gives you the most power you really need in order to take the kids to school or comfortably get to work with a smooth, powerful drive. It's the powerful, efficient engine that most families need for their daily needs and extracurricular adventures on those family days. 

Will You Choose This One?

If you like what you've read about this model, you're not alone. Thousands of families a year choose this remarkable compact SUV as their vehicle of the decade. And it will certainly travel with you throughout the years, as your family grows and you grow alongside it. There's a lot more to appreciate about this SUV, too, but you've really got to get into the greater details of the trims to see how this one truly stands out and shines brighter than other vehicles of its class. The generous cargo space for a compact SUV, the obvious advantage of having a smaller SUV to maneuver on commutes, and the out of this world technology that the maker packed into this one will work right alongside its rock solid dependable build to keep you and your family comfortable, entertained, and safe during their time riding inside of this one. If this looks like the SUV that you're going to choose this year, simply pick out which trim that appeals to you the most, request a quote, and get ready for the ride of your life.
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