Tips For Making The Most Of A Road Trip In Your New Kona

Compact SUVs make the ideal vehicle for a road trip, but the Hyundai Kona is just a little bit more special than most vehicles falling in that category. In 2018, it made its debut and very obviously dazzled you, and many others, into purchasing it. Maybe it was one of the festive colors that drew you in - Chalk white, surf blue, or lime twist - or maybe you were impressed by the price tag, or maybe, just maybe you loved the 175 horsepower capability of the 1.6L Turbo GDI engine in the Limited and Ultimate trims. Whatever caught your eye, you can know that the Hyundai Kona is going to make the perfect road trip companion. Here's how you can maximize the fun of the Kona's many features. 

Plan it out 

Weather reports are one of your best friends when planning a road trip. Not too many folks want to hit the road in their Kona if it's going to be storming or snowing. That's just one part of planning a road trip. Pick a date that that has weather that will shine down upon the trip. Select a route that will allow you to take in all the sights and main attractions that you really want to see. No matter how great the road trip is, you just can't see everything you want to see, so prioritize the main stops you want to make and drive past the things you can see next time. Planning out your road trip will really make it more special. And don't forget to consult the rest of your crew! They might have a different idea of a "main attraction" than you do, so be fair to all involved and make sure everyone gets to see that one thing that they want to see. 

App It Up 

Your Hyundai vehicle has a host of available features, but some of the most desirable are those that allow you to take advantage of your apps on the go. This means you'll be able to program your Apple CarPlay just the way you want it to be during the trip. Select the right songs, the right playlist, and the right timing to get your entertainment started in the vehicle. And don't forget, you've got a wireless charging device in your vehicle as well, so if your device is running low on juice, just place it right on the charging device. It'll get things revved up again. 

Use Navigation Features 

On any road trip, the route might be just about the most important thing. In a vehicle like this, with luxury features, it's vital to use your navigation features in order to get where you're going without feeling like you're lost half the way. If you utilize the navigation features and truly plan out the route ahead of time, it'll feel a lot less stressful once you're out there on the road. Voice activated commands can really come in handy if you feel like you're losing your way or that there's an unplanned stop you need to make. Be sure to use the voice activated commands to clarify any unplanned detours. 

Activate Safety Features 

Like in most vehicles like this, there are some safety features that are optional during any given time. You can turn them on or off. Before you set out on your road trip, be sure to activate the safety features that you want to work during your trip. This might include distance sensors, cruise control features, or other on/off features that you will help to keep you safe on your journey. Make sure everyone is buckled up before you get started. As always, no matter what you plan to see or how far you plan to drive, safety should always come first. Do the safety check before setting sail. 

Set your temperature 

Depending on the season, temperature is a huge part of comfort during a road trip. If it's more than just you, you're going to need to negotiate with other road trippers about which climate is going to set the tone for the trip. The Limited and Ultimate come with automatic temperature control, so folks with those trims are all set. If you're driving another trim, though, you might need to consult with your friendly passengers about what temperature is going to make everyone the most comfortable. 

Hit The Road And Celebrate

Road trips are one of life's most exciting journeys. Not only do you get to experience the way your vehicle drives, but you're going to get to take advantage of its tech and share a beautiful day and/or night with your beloved family or friends. Do a little planning and make sure it's a memorable trip!
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