Tips for Making the Most of Your Commute in Your Ioniq

Now that you have one of the highest quality all-electric or hybrid vehicles on the road, you don't have to cry about wasting fuel during those gridlock commute moments. Your Hyundai Ioniq promises to make your commute much more comfortable. It may seem like you are arriving at work from a parallel universe. Everything will seem newer and brighter when you reduce the stress of driving by commuting every day in your new Hyundai. Below, we have compiled a list of fun tips to help you commute. 

Beat the Rush Hour 

Only people who have driven long distances have the wisdom to understand why racing is pointless. On a long trip, you will find that no matter how quickly you were able to navigate the highways and straightaways, those pesky red lights and tolls will kill you every time. Some lights are programmed to change only once every five minutes. If you know where the choke points are in your commute and can take roads that avoid traffic lights, you will always get to work without delay. If you have the Navigation head-unit, you have the benefit of real-time traffic alerts to warn you of congestion and to provide you with alternate routes. 

You can also try leaving at different times from work and home to find a point when traffic is generally lighter on your route. Try shopping at places near your work after you punch out and finding other work you can do if you arrive early. There may be things that you can prepare before you punch in to make your daily tasks roll by a lot quicker. Shopping for groceries near your workplace will help you use your time wisely while everyone else is fighting for an extra inch in 5 O'clock gridlock rush hour traffic. 

Pack a Cooler of Snacks and Drinks 

It doesn't matter how long you may be stuck on the road when you are ultra-comfortable. Taking pro-active steps to fill your new Ioniq with creature comforts will provide you with peace and happiness even if you are forced to sit all day in traffic. What better solution to psychologically overcome the sensory deprivation of traffic jams than flooding your senses with tasty foods. Filling a small cooler with re-freezable ice packs, cold cuts, fresh fruit, cold pizza, alkaline 9.5 pH spring water, or any cold leftovers that wet your whistle, will help you look forward to traffic jams. Throwing in some chips, trail mix, pop tarts, and even some danishes are some other suggestions that will make you look forward to the break time. 

Stretch Your Legs 

If the traffic is moving at 0 to 5 mph, you are not missing out on anything by sitting in bumper-to-bumper congestion. Pull over to the largest shoulder you can find and take an opportunity to stretch your legs. There are a variety of exercises you can do to forget about the stress of the commute and get comfortable in your own body. Windmills, touching your toes, jumping jacks, and even push-ups are some excellent calisthenics to help the blood start flowing. Just be sure to exit your vehicle carefully and to situate yourself as far away from the traffic as may be practical in the given situation. 

Listen to Music 

Your new car is loaded with the latest Android Auto®, Apple CarPlay®, and Blue Link® infotainment technology to patch over your SmartPhone playlist instantaneously. Although you may have some favorites that you just can't stop listening to every day, it makes sense to throw in a random mix of songs just for variety. If you don't like a selection, just hit next. Music can conjure up different moods and amplify various social situations in your life when you reflect on their universal relevance. Colors, music, art, and interacting with other people are the variety of life that keep it interesting. The human mind is drawn to what is termed "pink noise" because the patterns are consistent yet interesting enough to relax and amuse us. 

Try Carpooling 

Now that you have a brand-new vehicle that is one of the safest on the roads, it is easy to convince timid co-workers that they are saving the environment and reducing their risk of commute-related accidents if they ride with you. You don't have to worry about exhaust leak fumes or other faulty equipment like they may worry about in a poorly maintained or aging vehicle. Having another person along for the ride opens up a whole new world of interest. Not only do you have an interesting companion for the ride, but you also have the opportunity to build deeper bonds with their entire social network of friends. This means that you may be invited to more of those fun backyard grill and pool parties, nightclubs, and other social events that break up the work week.
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