Benefits to Having Your Hyundai Accent Serviced at a Dealership

Your regional Vision Hyundai dealer is dedicated to maintaining our fleet of Hyundai's sold and leased in exceptional condition. This is the only way that we can assure resale values when you trade in your vehicle or sign a new lease. We are dedicated to providing satisfaction with the Hyundai brand because that is what we represent. 

When you take your vehicle to general repair shops, they are looking to make a quick buck. They don't care about Hyundai's reputation for quality and reliability. They'll throw any parts in it and send you on the way. If you complain about the service and damage to your vehicle, they'll just blame your car and claim they are experts to make the fight for compensation an uphill battle. 

Only your regional Hyundai dealership has the incentive to make you love your Hyundai from the day of purchase up to the day you decide that you need a new one. We want our customers to be as loyal and dedicated to the Hyundai experience as our staff. When you deal with Hyundai's day in and day out, you have to have a respect for the product you are selling. People who don't themselves believe in the goods they market are not going to enjoy the work or compel themselves to make sales. Below, we have detailed some of the prime reasons to schedule complete service and repairs at our dealership. 

1. Specialization 

There is no greater reason to stop by our Hyundai dealer for service than specialization. We are the only ones who specialize exclusively in Hyundai's. Our automotive service technicians have exclusive factory training, factory manuals, factory diagnostic tools, and unlimited factory computer resources. The Technical Service Bulletins provided by Hyundai alert them to any issues trending with your model and provide the solution. This well-rounded exclusive set of resources developed by Hyundai gives us a clear edge over the competition. 

The factory service manuals and training our technicians receive is like an ongoing college for Hyundai's. Would you rather have your dental implants installed by a general dentist who started out as a janitor and was grandfathered into the trade when they had an opening one day? Or would you rather go to a dentist with the best tools and resources who went to the best university and has years of experience implanting teeth? That is the type of comparison we are dealing with here by analog. And your car is much more important than your teeth. You risk your life and the lives of innocent people when your vehicle is not operating as it should. 

2. Genuine Hyundai Parts 

You won't find better parts for your vehicle than those that were used to assemble it. Only Hyundai has the exclusive and complete factory parts catalog to special order anything your vehicle needs. No matter if it is a bolt, a plastic retainer, or an entire drivetrain. Hyundai sells the same OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts that were used to assemble your vehicle at the factory and provides a warranty. That is like being able to instantly regrow your teeth when the first set wears out. 

General repair shops pay pennies for the sub-par aftermarket parts they install in your vehicle. Most of these parts are manufactured in third world countries with few quality controls or incentives. These parts will void your factory warranty and give you nothing but headaches and worries. Our dealership is able to match parts for your vehicle by the VIN number to ensure a perfect fit every time! 

3. Convenience 

When you have your vehicle serviced at our dealership, you have the option of taking a loaner car or shuttle service to fulfill your daily obligations. We provide refreshments to keep our customers happy and always maintain our bathrooms in sterile condition. If your vehicle is aging excessively and has accumulated more wear and tear than you'd care to repair, the convenience of leasing or purchasing a new vehicle is an option waiting outside the door. You never have to feel like you are stuck with a vehicle because we make the strongest offers when you trade in your Hyundai for a new model. General repair shops will nickel and dime you until you have paid thrice over the cost for a new vehicle, just to patch you up and send you down the road. They simply don't have the resources and options to keep their customers happy. 


When it comes to any professional service, from hiring a lawyer to finding the right dentist, you want to go to the very best. Professional services require extensive skill, dedication, specialization, and cutting-edge resources to master. The quality difference between the best and run-of-the-mill professionals is a night and day difference. You want experts, not hacks, maintaining your large investment.
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