Dean Evans is Automotive News All Star

Every industry has its standouts. In the auto industry, it's safe to say that Dean Evans is a shining star. Evans is the chief marketing officer (CMO) of Hyundai Motors, where he oversees equally ambitious marketing and advertising teams. Before working at his present company, he was the CMO of Subaru of America for several years. Prior to that, he held marketing and sales positions across the auto industry with leading automakers, car dealerships, and digital marketing firms. The experience and knowledge that he gained elsewhere certainly enabled Evans to make a big difference at Hyundai. During his time working as Hyundai's CMO, Evans has spearheaded a number of innovative programs with the help of his talented teams. Evans is credited with launching some of Hyundai's commercials into the spotlight, as well as leading efforts to partner with non-profit organizations. Evans also has a knack for innovation, and he is responsible for bringing virtual car shopping to consumers by bringing the opportunity for car shopping to customers' homes. While many of his accomplishments stand out, a few in particular deserve attention. 

Shopper Assurance 

One of Evans' biggest claims to fame as Hyundai's CMO is launching the Shopper Assurance Program, which is a revolutionary program that makes the car shopping experience much easier for consumers. The program is designed for dealerships to evaluate customer interest and the impact of their business to see where they are doing well and where they could use some improvement. The program proved to be a hit upon its launch, and it is now offered at more than 600 dealerships. And judging by its growing popularity, it may be offered at even more dealerships down the road. The program made its debut in 2017, and it is the first of its kind in the auto industry. When asked about their experience with the program, more than 90% of customers and dealerships surveyed said that they had a positive experience with it. The majority (56%) even said that using the program positively influenced their decision about whether or not to buy a new car. Customers also said that their car shopping experience was much better when they used the program as opposed to their previous shopping experiences without it. Some of the features that consumers can enjoy with this novel program include flexible test drive scheduling, the ability to complete sales paperwork online before buying a car, and a money-back guarantee. 

Winning Advertisements 

For years, Hyundai's Super Bowl ads have attracted attention from consumers and critics. They have consistently been voted as some of the best ads of the big game, and they repeatedly stand out for their innovation and effectiveness. Under Evans' leadership, the company produced an ad called “First Date,” which made it USA Today's Ad Meter winner. Another one of its Super Bowl commercials, called “Operation Better,” paid a touching tribute to active and retired military personnel in Super Bowl 51. In 2018, the company's ads took a slightly different spin. Evans opted to showcase the work of a non-profit organization called “Hope on Wheels,” which is dedicated to fighting childhood cancers. When the ad was released, it had a hidden message to Hyundai owners that their car purchases had helped make strides in the fight against pediatric cancer. This message was great news to all, and it also earned the company even more awards. 

Connecting With Amazon 

These days, online retailers like Amazon make it possible to buy just about anything. Up until now, one missing part of the puzzle was in the auto industry. But now, thanks to Evans' ambitious goal to work with Amazon, the opportunity for online car shopping is now available to the brand's customers. Now, people can use Amazon to enjoy the virtual convenience of car shopping. Tasks that can otherwise take up significant amounts of time, such as scheduling test drives, comparing car prices, and comparing trim levels of cars, can now be done virtually in minutes with Amazon. This is good news for car shoppers searching for their next vehicle, as today's consumers want convenience and instant gratification. Another advantage of the program with Amazon is that it lets consumers read reviews from other car owners. This, in turn, helps them learn more about the vehicle and see what people think about it. In the summer of 2018, Dean Evans introduced a digital showroom component to the Amazon partnership that allows people to get a clear view of the car they want before they even schedule a test drive. This is yet another first for the company and its ambitious CMO. 

For all the hard work that he does, it probably comes as no surprise that Dean Evans is considered to be one of the most influential CMOs. In fact, he is ranked within the top 10 as evaluated by Forbes. Evans has earned many awards and recognition throughout his career, and he certainly stands out as one of the auto industry's marketing stars. With a talent for innovation, consumers are eager to see what comes next. 

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