2019 Santa Fe: Redesigned for More Room

What's New for the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe?

The new vehicle from Hyundai has undergone a whole body redesigning, thus promising drivers more room as compared to the previous model. The 2019 SUV even features a new name from Hyundai Santa Fe to Hyundai Santa Fe XL, a name change that brings with it significant improvements. The new Hyundai SUV now provides buyers with more passenger capacity, increased cargo area, more legroom, and a comfortable headroom. Generally, it is roomier and bigger as compared to its predecessor. The 2019 Santa Fe's spacious interior varies based on the trim level that you decide to buy. The higher the trim level, the more spacious and equipped your car will be.

Interior Design: What has changed?

Although the 2018's model was a three-row Crossover SUV, the new model is now a two-row crossover SUV. The new model has a passenger capacity of 5 adults with plenty of legroom and headroom. The second row of the new Hyundai SUV features a 50/50 split, implying that you can fold them easily to get more cargo space. The second row has more headroom space and legroom as compared to what was available in the previous model to accommodate taller passengers comfortably. For enhanced comfort and convenience, the second-row passengers have the option of inkling their seats to their preferred position easily. The 2019 Santa Fe's interior now feels more spacious and comfortable and is ideal for people looking for a crossover SUV that is comfortable and more spacious.

Exterior Design: What's different?

The manufacturer has redesigned the Hyundai SUV and given it a new exterior look that makes it gorgeous and attractive. The model now has the body of a SUV where it comes with an elongated hood and an upright windshield that is a deviation from the initial design. The new Hyundai SUV features a trimmer front overhang that comes fitted with daytime running headlights to give it a unique appearance. The taillights are now thinner as compared to what was available to buyers in the 2018 model with the reverse lights also lowly placed. The model's grille has been revised to feature a new design inspired by egg cartons. The vehicle also has a 2.6-inch wheelbase extension with the new general car length being longer by 2.8 inches. The new Hyundai SUV features a chain mail armor-like design and a chrome line that cuts across the vehicle's front fascia. To ensure that you stand out from the rest, the vehicle has a greenhouse upright design while its low glass area gives you excellent visibility.

Utility: How has it changed?

The general utility of the Hyundai SUV has gone up thanks to its elongated length and expanded width. The vehicle's cargo capacity has been enhanced as compared to what was available in the 2018 model. With the new model, you will get 71.3 cubic feet of cargo space complemented by the numerous compartments in its interior for additional storage. The vehicle is designed to also feature extra space under the floor storage compartments to store your stuff more conveniently. For enhanced storage capacity, you can choose to fold the second-row seats whenever necessary although this feature is only available for the SEL Plus and other trims above it.

Technology: What's New?

The redesigned 2019 Hyundai SUV now features a Tech Package that provides access to advanced tech features. Some of the tech features available to buyers through the Tech Package include a pedestrian detection, an adaptive cruise control, and the emergency braking system. The model now features a new touchscreen LCD that can be integrated with Google's Android Auto and Apple's CarPlay.

Safety: What has changed?

You can expect the 2019 Hyundai Fe to be a top safety car because it comes fitted with the latest safety features. To begin with, it comes with most safety features that are common in many SUVs in the same class, and this allows the model to compete favorably. Some of the standard safety features available in the SE trim include a blind spot monitoring and a reversing camera while the SE Premium Package features a lane-departure warning system, rear parking sensors, blind spot monitoring, and a multi-angle camera system. For advanced safety features, buyers have the option of going for the Premium Safety Package that has standard safety features similar to those found in higher trims.

Are you looking for a Crossover SUV that gives you a comfortable seating space for five passengers? If you are, you can buy the new Fe since it offers you great features at an affordable cost. The improved Hyundai SUV is now roomier as compared to its predecessor and offers plenty of legroom and headroom.

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