Hyundai Introduces New Luxury SUV

Since its inception, Hyundai has been known for creating affordable, practical, and reliable vehicles that could get people from Point A to Point B. This gave it a very strong hold in the mid-range auto market, where it easily attracted people looking for reasonably powerful, safe, and attractive vehicles with some room for upgrades (through different trim levels) as well as customization through long lists of add-on features and packages. But ever an innovator, Hyundai felt that it was missing a major segment of the market, which was families looking for large powerful family-style SUVs. This market has been traditionally dominated by the likes of Cadillac, GMC, and Chevrolet. But at a time when consumers around the world, and especially the United States, are trending more towards ditching sedans and small cars for SUVs, this popular South Korean automaker decided to branch out and tap into the new, highly competitive market of large, luxurious SUVs. This year, Hyundai is releasing its very own luxurious family SUV for the first time. This car, called the Hyundai Palisade, is a well-rounded, versatile vehicle that appears to have much to offer to satisfy consumers' needs. 

Introducing the 2020 Palisade 

Many people – both consumers and auto critics – are eagerly awaiting the debut of the Palisade, which is due for release in 2020. At first glance, the Palisade appears to be a spacious, head-turning vehicle with a winning combination of aesthetics, performance, and luxury. This vehicle has all the latest technology you'd expect to find in other high-end vehicles of the latest model year, including standard infotainment display screens, smartphone support, and connectivity. There is room for eight passengers in this SUV, which stands out for its elegant chrome-accented exterior. With many options for customization and several trim levels to choose from, the Palisade is sure to be a car that pleases everyone. 

Inside the Palisade 

When you set foot into the Palisade, you'll find an interior that's designed for family and fun. No matter whether you're running errands or embarking on a much-needed weekend getaway, the Palisade will take you there in comfort and class. The interior features a tech-centric control center with a user-friendly infotainment display screen and a driver's instrument cluster that displays real-time performance information about the car. Parents will appreciate the addition of a cabin intercom system with the ability to talk to passengers in the backseat. This feature, which is designed for both safety and convenience, lets people in the front seat send messages to the back rows without having to take their eyes off the road or turn around. This handy feature also has a sleep mode that allows it to snooze when the kids do, too. In addition to these standard amenities, you'll get various available options too, including a surround-view camera, a fully digital instrument display panel, and a premium 10.25-inch touchscreen display with integrated navigation. Add on other premium amenities like heated seats, leather seats, and a split-folding design for the third row of seats, and you would easily think you're driving around in a limousine. Furthermore, everyone can stay quiet, happy, and connected with a variety of USB ports, including charging ports in the first and second rows and optional USB ports in the third row. 


Along with its striking looks and luxurious interior, the Hyundai Palisade also stands out for its impressive list of safety features. This is a plus for many people, as Hyundai has a strong reputation for outfitting its vehicles with leading safety amenities. The Palisade is designed to keep people as safe as possible during an accident with a variety of passive safety features, including airbags throughout the cabin and mounted to the roof. The car is fortified with a strong frame that helps to deflect energy away from the cabin area if it is hit from the sides. In addition to these passive safety features, a suite of active driver-aid amenities act as a second set of eyes and ears on the road. These novel features include forward collision warning, which helps to detect and mitigate a frontal collision before it happens, and rear cross-traffic alert, which monitors what happens behind the SUV to let you know if you're in danger of hitting anything (or anyone) when you reverse. Other standard safety features including radar-operated cruise control and blind-spot monitoring, which sends a warning if you're about to switch lanes with another vehicle in the way. There are also a number of available options you can get to complete your Palisade's safety package, including rear occupant alert and Blue Link notifications. 

Hyundai has long been a leading name in the global auto industry, and it is now pushing the envelope again with the introduction of its first-ever large SUV called the Palisade. With a commanding exterior, luxury-filled interior, and more standard and available safety features than you'd imagine, this car is bound to take the SUV market by storm. 
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