How Does Heads Up Display Work

When you first step into a new car, it seems like magic that you have all this information – fuel economy, trip data, engine output, and more – available at your fingertips. As much as you enjoy this technology, you probably didn't think of it before! Turns out, Hyundai is not the only company (Toyota, Hyundai, Lexus...the list goes on) that has this technology. But it's not a car company that gets credit for the HUD - it's the military! Despite the fact that the heads up display (HUD) is a modern technology found in many of today's cars, it is something that originated about 50 years ago. In fact, the heads-up display was first created so pilots could get vital information about their planes (such as speed, cruising altitude, and wind speed) without having to look down. As pilots were struggling to avoid other aircraft and stay out of enemy territory, this feature proved vital. But in the days after that, the technology proved so valuable that is use was deemed applicable to other industries, too. Today, for that reason, you'll find the heads-up display available in many vehicles. This is an especially important feature to include for Hyundai (as either a standard or available component) since it prides itself in leading the way on safety. As a consumer, or simply a Hyundai fan, you might not think much of jumping into your car and having the convenience of a HUD behind the scenes. But it turns out that there is actually a lot to appreciate about this humble but effective technology – including keeping your family safe! If you've been wanting to learn more about the HUD or find out which of your favorite Hyundai vehicles you'll find it on, here's what you need to know. 

A History of the Head-Up Display 

Although it started to make an appearance in recent years among cars – and especially so for the 2019 model year- the HUD is actually not a new technology at all. The HUD was originally designed for aircraft, and more specifically, for pilots who were flying in the military. The HUD was invented in the mid-1950s. Then, it was designed to give pilots basic information such as their speed, cruising altitude, and distance to their end destination. It was also used as a reliable tool to tell them how far they were from their enemies. No matter what information it told them, the HUD was designed to be a quick and easy way for pilots to gather reliable information that could then be disseminated to others around them. The technology proved so valuable that it quickly made its way into other fields. One of the main areas where the HUD saw potential for plenty of use was the automotive industry. As evidenced by the popularity of the HUD system in today's vehicles, that intuition proved true. Today, Hyundai is one of the leading companies in providing safe and reliable cars. So what better way for the brand to show its worth than by adding HUD options onto its vehicles? In the age of technology, where features like infotainment and entertainment systems are becoming even more common, it helps to have every bit of a competitive edges. Therefore, Hyundai is making the HUD a standard or an available feature on many of its most popular vehicles, including the Kona. The HUD brings drivers the best of having an infotainment system on board and the ability to effectively use the system without having it cause a distraction. If you've ever wanted to check out an HUD on a Hyundai vehicle, here are some cars to consider where you'll find this useful technology. 

The Hyundai Kona 

The Kona is a sporty, nimble, and versatile five-passenger vehicle. With plenty of passenger space and room for cargo, it checks the boxes for comfort and convenience. In the cabin of the Kona, you'll find a novel infotainment system with a premium audio system and either a standard seven-inch or eight-inch infotainment system, depending on the trim level that you choose to get. The Kona can also be ordered with a navigation system. The Kona also features a standard HUD on the highest level trim, which is called the Ultimate. 

The Santa Fe 

Another vehicle where you'll find the HUD is Hyundai's ever-popular Santa Fe. The Hyundai Santa Fe features and HUD that is standard on the two highest trim levels, which are the Ultimate and the Ultimate 2.0T. Both of these SUVs also come with a number of other salient features that are designed to make your drives more pleasant. 

As you might have guessed already, the heads up display has the power to transform your driving experience. By giving you the ability to take control of your infotainment system without taking your eyes off the road, the HUD brings a wealth of opportunity to Hyundai drivers. As you can see, the technology that has trickled down from the military proves quite valuable in a variety of settings today. If you're ready to see what benefits the HUD has in store, don't hesitate to contact us to drive a Hyundai today. 
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